17 02, 2022

React Native or Flutter: Which of the two mainstream cross-platform development frameworks to choose?

2022-05-16T05:54:54+05:30February 17th, 2022|Technical Posts|

Since the pandemic, the demand for mobile apps is growing at a rapid pace. And building apps for both iOS and Android is every business’s desire. Cross-platform development allows us to reach a broader audience faster and choosing the right framework for your future application determines its productivity and its set of features. When it comes to fierce competition among

24 01, 2022

8 Best Programming Languages For Your Next AI Project

2022-04-29T11:10:12+05:30January 24th, 2022|General Posts|

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the top agendas for businesses as it offers enhanced customer experience, resilience, and reliability. An increasing number of industries are adopting AI to solve urgent problems, alleviate consumer pain-points faster, and drive digital transformations on a larger scale. From boosting productivity to automating tasks and simplifying processes, AI and machine learning open

19 12, 2021

Comparison of Effective Messaging Protocols for IoT: MQTT vs AMQP

2022-05-11T05:13:02+05:30December 19th, 2021|Technical Posts|

Real-time communication technology is an unalloyed inevitability for the development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. However, the selection of an effective messaging protocol is a difficult task for any organisation because it depends on the nature of the IoT system and its messaging requirements. Many messaging protocols have been developed and used by various organisations based on their

30 11, 2021

Wi-Fi 7: Tomorrow’s Fastest Wireless Spec is already on the way and here’s why you should care

2022-04-22T11:44:38+05:30November 30th, 2021|General Posts|

Many of us don’t spend time upgrading our networking gear very often. Even though the first Wi-Fi 6 routers hit the market in 2019, chances are that you aren’t using one yet. You had to learn the deal with Wi-Fi 6 first, and now Wi-Fi 6E devices are incoming. Well, buckle up: Wi-Fi 7 is almost here. The upcoming

6 08, 2021

Internet of Behaviour – The Future of the Digital World Explained

2022-04-05T06:32:27+05:30August 6th, 2021|General Posts|

The whole world is now digitally enabled. There are billions of physical things that are now connected to the internet. These things help to collect and share the data. These internet of things devices makes the world smarter, more responsive, and helps to merge the Digital and Physical universes. Earlier, a consumer’s behaviour and reactions towards a new product

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